Thursday, December 31, 2009


i've been pretty busy with work..i worked 1:30-midnight tuesday night and 1:30-11pm yesterday night..and i finally got to sleep in! it felt amazing! well lets see whats happened in those days..well a customer said she didn't like my stankass attitude, which was a surprise bc i didn't know a person could have a stankass attitude.
The lady wanted me to stop what i was doing (ringing up another customer) and tell her how much the jacket was going to cost (when i clearly saw a tag with the price) bc it was 50% off..really?! you cant even do that kind of math in your head?! stupid ass bitch! i told her to please hold on bc i was helping someone else, then she was started talking shit saying it wasn't that hard for me to do and why cant i just do it, its not hard and wont take very long, oh and she was saying all this to the customer i had been helping. so she was basically talking shit about me right in front of my face and bc its retail, i can't say a thing. then walked away bc she wasn't getting her way, which really? like i want to help her after she's talking shit about me, uh i don't think so! she came back a few mins later and yelled at me from the opposite side of the cash point (ie. registers) and asked me to put something on hold for her, i totally ignored her and kept ringing up customers. then yelled and asked how long we hold things, which i also ignored and thankfully another associate came up to the cash point and took her hold. which she asked for the customers name, while the lady was yelling that she didnt like my stankass attitude, which i found out later that she actually said twice..haha yea i didnt find out that she had said that till later on. so she just looked like an asshole.

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  1. its do have a stankass attitude! lol
    that so funny! retail stories ... heh .... heh ...gotta love them !