Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas Rush
fucckk this sucks! the store is a mess!! the best part is that there is only two other people and me closing. we will be here all night! hopefully we can just clean the store and leave the running for later. I'm on my lunch now. I do not want to go back! I've been yelled at soo many assholes! the line was constantly super long, into the fitting room. there has been a lot of returns but not as much as I thought. it's just the start of them though. I'm going to relax, I'll write an update later.

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  1. wait so the "best part" was sarcastic right?! ....when you get too stressed you should close your ojos and put your finger in the middle of your head and find your will help ....i do it to Julain all the time... i say "find your center" and repeat until he is calm