Thursday, December 31, 2009


i've been pretty busy with work..i worked 1:30-midnight tuesday night and 1:30-11pm yesterday night..and i finally got to sleep in! it felt amazing! well lets see whats happened in those days..well a customer said she didn't like my stankass attitude, which was a surprise bc i didn't know a person could have a stankass attitude.
The lady wanted me to stop what i was doing (ringing up another customer) and tell her how much the jacket was going to cost (when i clearly saw a tag with the price) bc it was 50% off..really?! you cant even do that kind of math in your head?! stupid ass bitch! i told her to please hold on bc i was helping someone else, then she was started talking shit saying it wasn't that hard for me to do and why cant i just do it, its not hard and wont take very long, oh and she was saying all this to the customer i had been helping. so she was basically talking shit about me right in front of my face and bc its retail, i can't say a thing. then walked away bc she wasn't getting her way, which really? like i want to help her after she's talking shit about me, uh i don't think so! she came back a few mins later and yelled at me from the opposite side of the cash point (ie. registers) and asked me to put something on hold for her, i totally ignored her and kept ringing up customers. then yelled and asked how long we hold things, which i also ignored and thankfully another associate came up to the cash point and took her hold. which she asked for the customers name, while the lady was yelling that she didnt like my stankass attitude, which i found out later that she actually said twice..haha yea i didnt find out that she had said that till later on. so she just looked like an asshole.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas Rush
fucckk this sucks! the store is a mess!! the best part is that there is only two other people and me closing. we will be here all night! hopefully we can just clean the store and leave the running for later. I'm on my lunch now. I do not want to go back! I've been yelled at soo many assholes! the line was constantly super long, into the fitting room. there has been a lot of returns but not as much as I thought. it's just the start of them though. I'm going to relax, I'll write an update later.

Post Christmas Madness

I'm about to get ready for work now..i'm really not looking forward to what i know will be crazy. I'm assuming we are going to have a lot of returns..i wish i could just tell them to fuck off. i will post again once i'm at the mall. i'm hoping the parking wont be so bad.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve
finally the last day of the holiday season! finally!! I'm waiting outside, to see the madness inside. I know today is going to be crazy and Im not looking forward to it at all. I know the store is going to be trashed by the end of the night, im just glad im not closing. Ill blog again on my break, with an update.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the store is a MESS!! there should have been atleast one more person on the floor but it's whatev. I actually haven't had that many asshole today...yet..haha. we have had a few groups of thiefs come through though. I wish we could go up to then and stop them but dumb rules say we can't. only give them "excellent customer service" which means watching them and asking if they need any help. got to go back on the floor.

Monday, December 21, 2009

creepy guys

why do older guys think its okay to call me sweetie, uh your not my boyfriend or friend. i'm wearing a nametag for a reason, so you wont have to guess at my name or make one up, you asshole! it really grosses me out and pissed me off. okay, i'm done ranting.
testing out this blogging from my phone. let's see if this works. if it works great, then I'll be able to blog from work, when the thoughs are still fresh in my mind. haha

one of my fav websites

being in the service industry, i like to read other peoples similar customers stories, mostly bc i can relate to how stupid people are. haha

First Blog!

so i'm pretty new at this, so hopefully my blogs won't suck too much. i love how people call this time of the year, the most wonderful. those people obviously don't work in retail. this is the worst time of the year for us. of course, working we want to make money but some customers don't deserve the respect that feel is granted to them. if you are a dick to me, i'm going to be a bitch..simple as that.
i worked this past weekend in my store, we have a return policy that i feel is a little too lenient (you can return anything even without a receipt) but if you have the receipt and you want the balance placed back on your card then you need to bring that card and it must be in your name. seems simple enough but not so much for one lady that came in. she had her receipt and her card, there was one little problem though, it wasn't in her name, she claimed it was her husbands..i told her i could only give her store credit because the credit card wasn't in her name, therefore i couldn't credit the money back on there. she yelled at me saying it was bullshit and its the same last name and how stupid and incompetent i was blah blah blah, when someone yells at me, i'm not going to be nice, that's just not going to happen. so i told her it would go on a card for store credit or she could bring her husband and return it with him. she yelled saying that she was going to stay where she was (ie. in front of me) and wasn't moving till the manager made it right. the manager came and told her the same thing i said and she grabbed her stuff and stormed out..
just another day in the the retail hell!