Monday, December 21, 2009

First Blog!

so i'm pretty new at this, so hopefully my blogs won't suck too much. i love how people call this time of the year, the most wonderful. those people obviously don't work in retail. this is the worst time of the year for us. of course, working we want to make money but some customers don't deserve the respect that feel is granted to them. if you are a dick to me, i'm going to be a bitch..simple as that.
i worked this past weekend in my store, we have a return policy that i feel is a little too lenient (you can return anything even without a receipt) but if you have the receipt and you want the balance placed back on your card then you need to bring that card and it must be in your name. seems simple enough but not so much for one lady that came in. she had her receipt and her card, there was one little problem though, it wasn't in her name, she claimed it was her husbands..i told her i could only give her store credit because the credit card wasn't in her name, therefore i couldn't credit the money back on there. she yelled at me saying it was bullshit and its the same last name and how stupid and incompetent i was blah blah blah, when someone yells at me, i'm not going to be nice, that's just not going to happen. so i told her it would go on a card for store credit or she could bring her husband and return it with him. she yelled saying that she was going to stay where she was (ie. in front of me) and wasn't moving till the manager made it right. the manager came and told her the same thing i said and she grabbed her stuff and stormed out..
just another day in the the retail hell!

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  1. lol at least your manager backed you up....unlike dumbass levi lol pretty good story for your first time :)
    love you and ill be following all your shinnannigans!