Tuesday, April 20, 2010

finally did it!

okay i had been talking about how i was going to record the amount of times that customers ask whats the difference in the stores..well..i finally did it! so the numbers are kind of disapointing, they are a lot lower than i expected. to make it more interesting, i also added the question, "do you guys have anymore?" or and along the same lines "do you guys carry stock?" because thats another question we get a lot! so when i started it for the day, i didnt think i would actually look forward to getting those two questions (or anny variation of them), but i actually did! i almost begged for those questions, haha. i employeed my other associates to tell me when they were asked the two questions.
so its a small sample and was taken on a sunday, which is one our shortest days but it was the only day where i would be there all day. i opened the store and closed, so i knew it would be the best day to tally. here's how i broke it down:

Sunday, April 18, 11am-7pm
Difference/Why*? n=5

Average: 1.6

Stock**? n=5

Average: 2.4

so what the numbers say is that on average we get asked whats the difference about 2 times (yah i rounded up) and stock about 2 times. while the numbers don't lie, i think its a little off because sunday was a very slow day. i would like to do this for about a week and get the averages off of that instead. that way i'll have a larger sample size, but the problem with that is that, i usually only work one or twice a week and getting everyone to remember to report the questions will be hard. i think that's why the data was a little skewed and i had much more than the others because i had the tally, so as soon as someone would ask me, i would write it down.
amanda was pretty excited that there were so many for the stock question as opposed to my original question, whats the difference. she was patting herself, for adding that one. although the data is opposite to what i would have thought, it made the day go by a lot faster and made the day much more fun.

*any question relating to what's the difference between the two stores or why are there two and even as broad as being surprised that there are two stores.

**any question relating to us carrying stock in the back or asking if there are any in the back or anymore

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