Thursday, April 8, 2010

a little stats in my work...kind of a fail

since there are two of my store in the mall, everyone ALWAYS asks, whats the difference? or why are there two of you? and sometimes both. while i understand why people asks, it doesn't make it any less annoying. really, getting asked the same question atleast 10 times a day, gets very annoying. so i decided i'd ask everyone to tell me how many times they were asked, and to come up to me and tell me, i was keeping a tally with everyone's names and the amount of times they were asked, pretty self explanatory. well it kind of failed because it wasn't all day, just for a few hours and in that time, i didn't even get asked once, which is very unusual. so i decided to scrap that data and start it again, in two weeks (this weekend is my birthday celebration). i'm going to try and start it in the morning and do it all day (well as long as we are open).
i might do a mini trial today because i'm working from 3-close, which is a pretty good chunk of time to take data down. i'm hoping to get everyone working with me today to be involved in this mini sample. when i actually get all the data, i'll post my results on here, i'm guessing the average is going to be around 10.

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