Tuesday, May 11, 2010

people are dumb

on just about all our clothes we have hanger helpers (ie. the little faux silk ropes on woman's shirts) and like the name, they are there to help hang the garments. they are usually about two inches in diameter. so needless to say, i've had a few customers ask ridiculous questions pertaining to the hanger helpers.

Customer: how do i put my arm through these? (referring to the 1 inch hanger helper on the tube top she's wearing)
Me: umm..those are for the hanger, they aren't meant for your arms. they help the garment hang better.
Customer: oh

Customer 2: how is this supposed to wrap around my neck (referring to the hanger helper around the collar)
Me: (trying not to laugh) its for the hanger to help the shirt stay on it.
Customer 2: oh really?! hmf..(walked away in total disbelief that it wasn't a necklace)

those are just two stories from two different occasions.

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