Tuesday, February 9, 2010

its been awhile...

i haven't blogged in awhile, mostly because i've been busy. school started again, so i've been busy with that and i'm volunteering two times a week. lets see what's happened..
there has been the snowocaplypse, the mall was actually closed this weekend and we closed early fri at 6. i was away this weekend, so it didn't effect me. we have had around 30 inches and its supposed to snow again today till tomorrow. i work tomorrow, we will see if i'll actually have to go in, hopefully not! it feels like i haven't worked in forever, even though i did work friday. haha

1 comment:

  1. snowocaplypse...........lol love it!its so true that no matter how long you are away from work its never long enough!im glad to see you are being a productive part of society by volunteering....making a difference in the lives of others!