Friday, June 25, 2010

its been so longg

sorry i haven't blogged in like a million years..okay more like a couple of months but whatev. so i'll fill you in with whats been going on in my life, first off its summer so that means i'm in california! yes, all summer i'll be here, i landed june 2 and i leave aug 13. so i transferred from my home store to one out here. its a lot different! this store is hugeee!! its two floors and carry almost all the concepts. it also takes us TWO HOURS to close, yea TWO HOURS! the first day i worked i wanted to cry and leave! not only does it take us two hours to close it bc the store is a super mess, the ac also turns off! yea its already freaking hot bc i'm in the damn san fernando valley. i have to go but i'll try to blog more about the new store.

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