Thursday, March 4, 2010

a few days after the fact..but..

this is about sunday, well really all felt like it went on FOREVERRR!!
friday started out okay i worked 1:30-close..which really felt like a million years haha. i don't remember it being that eventful really. we are having a denim campaign, like most retail places right now. being that we are having a denim campaign, we have to wear this badge that tells us all the info the types of denim (the fit, sizes, leg fit and sizing chart)

and blue, white and denim. i did have to close with a manager (aka debbie); that is supporting from another one of our stores, the store manager (aka ginny) and the new girl. really, that was all, it was a busy friday night and there was only two of us, because the managers never come out on the floor and they don't clean. so suffice to say, i was not a happy employee! i was pretty much running around doing everything because the new girl (whos been with us for about 2 months now) still doesn't know how to do shit and is pretty shitty with her customer service. she never smiles, even at the customers, stands around (which is forgivable if later on your doing work, which she doesn't) and pretty much makes every mistake you can on the register (doing returns wrong, putting all the credit card receipts in one slot, not dropping 20's). i had to wait to take my lunch, because no one takes theirs on time. when i asked to take my lunch, the supporting manager told me to wait for the store manager to come back from her lunch. so about an hour goes by then the store manager finally comes back, and i ask her if i can take my lunch and she says "well you know your supposed to take your lunch on time" i looked at her and said "i understand that, but when i asked debbie, she told me to wait for you to come back from your lunch" to which she said "okay, well for next time". what a bitch, i wanted to go and i asked a manager. it just makes me think that i shouldn't ask and i should just leave, that way i'll be on time but fuck the people on the floor right..yea..stupid bitch. haha okay i'm done ranting about her. any was a long night and i wasn't smiling by the end of it.
saturday was lame and long..nothing really happened so thats i'll write about it.
sunday on the other hand was another superr long day! we had a meeting in the morning about procedures..gag me! it was super long and boringg! we split into groups, and since there is two of my store (we sell different collections of the same label) in the mall, it was a combo of both stores. its funny, even though we are right next to each other and the same label, i don't know really anyone at that store and visa versa.

sorry i got distracted watching the L word..i'll finish this later..

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